E-learning or re-learning: Assessing a web digital library interface

Keane, P. and Keating, J. G. (2001) E-learning or re-learning: Assessing a web digital library interface. [Conference Proceedings]


The role of the Internet has expanded to playing host to on-line learning. People have now the opportunity to learn, and access digital libraries from the comfort of their homes or from an Internet Cafe. This paper argues that these education-based sites are only as good as the interface that imparts the information. A poor digital library or e-learning interface is equivalent to presenting a student with a textbook, minus the contents and index sections, with all the pages randomly sorted while relying on dubious titles to find the required information. This is tantamount to a soul destroying experience for any potential student who has put some time aside to improve their education. This paper addresses the usability problems of the digital library at Maynooth National University of Ireland. This library employs a '4505/ALEPH/' database system.

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