An interaction visualisation tool for a learning management system

Jyothi, S., McAvinia, C. and Keating, J. G. (2007) An interaction visualisation tool for a learning management system. [Conference Proceedings]


Interaction design in a Learning Management System is the art of instigating interactions and facilitating communication between learners. In order to instigate interactions we need to first analyse and model these online interactions. This paper describes an automated, scalable, multi-browser, real-time visualisation software tool, which depicts the structure and design of the interaction between the students in an asynchronous conference. It gives an in-depth explanation of the tool and illustrates the purpose and management of interactions between the students in a learning environment. The data examined in this study included a purposive sample of asynchronous, online discussion postings of students in our institution captured via forums and discussion-boards in a Moodle environment for the purpose of testing the software. This innovative tool is embedded into the Moodle environment and can be used by educators to evaluate students' activities and identify online behaviors and interaction patterns in the networked learning environment. Information provided by the software tool can be used for motivating the students and building an online socio-learning community. Copyright © 2007 Sujana Jyothi, Claire McAvinia and John G. Keating.

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