No Room for Adults? A Study of Mature Students in University College Dublin

Inglis, Tom and Murphy, Mark (1999) No Room for Adults? A Study of Mature Students in University College Dublin. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.


A stratified sample of 554 mature students at University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland was studied. The sample included 200 unsuccessful applicants, 98 full-time mature students, 95 mature graduates, 100 modular bachelor of arts students, and 61 students who withdrew from UCD. A 50% response rate was achieved. The typical mature student was equally likely to be male or female, over 30 years of age, single, childless, and from an upwardly mobile social background. Most had taken some educational courses since leaving school. Three-fourths of those who completed degrees were female. Compared with their fellow mature students, unsuccessful applicants were younger. Modular degree program students were more likely to be married with children. The modular degree program appeared to be serving as the main access route into second-chance higher education for educationally disadvantaged adults. Most students surveyed enjoyed their courses, academic life, and being a student; however, many were unhappy about the amount of time they had with lecturers, the amount of guidance they received, and general awareness of mature students' special needs at UCD. (Appended is information about Irish universities' institutional relationship with mature students and the study methodology. The report contains 116 references and 33 tables/figures.) (MN)

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