Whose Responsibility is it? Encouraging Student Engagement in the Learning Process

Hood, A. (2010) Whose Responsibility is it? Encouraging Student Engagement in the Learning Process. [Conference Proceedings]


My action research concerns how to give students more sense of control and responsibility over their own learning by engaging them more fully in assessment and helping them to understand the principles behind assessment criteria. The course is a second-year music module in 16th-century counterpoint writing, with approx. 85 students. I began with a normal weekly assessment to gather data on the basic standard of the class. Then I formed the class into groups to grade model answers and compile a list of what they believed the assessment criteria should be based on this experience. I then used this list to compile a self-assessment criteria sheet, which the students filled out themselves and attached with each subsequent assessment. When I completed my analysis of data from the first cycle of action research, I implemented the learning from that cycle into a second and third cycle of action. This involved re-evaluating my initial plans in light of my findings; building on what was successful and changing what wasn’t, and refocusing my research. I am committed to bringing about an improvement in my students’ engagement with their music studies because I believe that all of my students have the inherent potential to do well, and that it is my responsibility to try to connect with students with different levels of learning ability. In my experience positive feedback and encouragement improves their self-confidence and permeates through every aspect of their professional and personal development. I believe that involving them in assessment goes some way towards creating an environment where the students feel that they have some level of input and power over their own learning; becoming less passive and improving their sense of confidence and engagement with the subject.

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