Entrepreneurial activities in Europe-oriented institutions

Hisrich, Robert D. and O'Cinneide, Barra (1996) Entrepreneurial activities in Europe-oriented institutions. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 11 (2). pp. 45-64.


Since 1980, there has been an increasing interest in the area of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development. While the role of educational institutions in the entrepreneurship/new venture creation process has been recognized, little research has been done, particularly outside the US, to identify the type and extent of involvement in this area by these institutions. Looks at the activities of European third‐level educational institutions in Western Europe, Sweden, Finland, Eastern and Central Europe, and some of the Republics of the former USSR. Universities in these geographic areas were surveyed regarding the extent (if any) of their activities in four primary areas of entrepreneurship: educational programmes; training programmes; research; and enterprise formation. There were 109 of the 227 institutions from 23 countries which responded ‐ a 48 per cent response rate. Institutions were more inclined to be involved in research than education, training and actual venture creation.

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