Making Connections: Intentional Teaching for Integrative Learning

Higgs, Bettie, Kilcommins, Shane and Ryan, Tony (2010) Making Connections: Intentional Teaching for Integrative Learning. National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning. University College Cork, Distillery House North Mall, Cork, Ireland. Tel: +353-21-490-4690; e-mail:; Web site: ISBN 9781906642204


In this volume the authors document examples of programmes/courses/activities that are designed intentionally to build students' capacity to be integrative thinkers and learners. In doing so they try to analyse and name the learning that is taking place, and so make it visible to the reader. The work is intended as a resource for all those involved in teaching and student learning in Higher Education and beyond. The ultimate goal is to ensure that students in higher education can make meaningful connections within and between disciplines, for example by integrating on-campus and off-campus learning experiences, and tying together and synchronising different perspectives and ways of knowing. This paper contains the following chapters: (1) Drawing on Medical Students' Representations to Illuminate Concepts of Humanism and Professionalism in Newborn Medicine (C. Anthony Ryan); (2) Integrative Learning in a Law and Economics Module (John Considine); (3) Making Connections for Mindful Inquiry: Using Reflective Journals to Scaffold an Autobiographical Approach to Learning in Economics (Daniel Blackshields); (4) Integrative Learning on a Criminal Justice Degree Programme (Sinead Conneely and Walter O'Leary); (5) The Use of Learning Journals in Legal Education as a Means of Fostering Integrative Learning through Pedagogy and Assessment (Shane Kilcommins); (6) Beyond Wikipedia and Google: Web-Based Literacies and Student Learning (James G.R. Cronin); (7) Archetype or for the Archive? Are Case Histories Suitable for Assessing Student Learning? (Martina Kelly, Deirdre Bennett and Suin O'Flynn); (8) The Arts in Education as an Integrative Learning Approach (Marian McCarthy); (9) Assessing the Role of Integrated Learning in the BSc International Field Geosciences (IFG) at University College Cork, Ireland (Pat Meere); (10) The Confluence of Professional Legal Training, ICT and Language Learning towards the Construction of Integrative Teaching and Learning (Maura Butler); (11) Integrative Learning with High Fidelity Simulation and Problem-Based Learning: An Evaluative Study (Nuala Walshe, Sinead O'Brien, Angela Flynn, Siobhan Murphy and Irene Hartigan); (12) Facilitating Learning through an Integrated Curriculum Design Driven by Problem-Based Learning: Perceptions of Speech and Language Therapy (Catharine Pettigrew); (13) Building Student Attributes for Integrative Learning (Bettie Higgs); and (14) End-Game: Good Beginnings are Not the Only Measure of Success (C. Anthony Ryan, Bettie Higgs and Shane Kilcommins). Each chapter contains tables/figures and references.

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