A novel approach to develop clinical competencies by merging two teaching methodologies

Hartigan, Irene, Murphy, Siobhan, Flynn, Angela and Walshe, Nuala (2008) A novel approach to develop clinical competencies by merging two teaching methodologies. [Conference Proceedings]


Introduction: Module NU4032 was developed using the pedagogical teaching approach of integrative learning to develop competencies and prepare nurses for professional practice. The module merges two student-centred teaching methodologies, problem-based learning (PBL) and simulation, to prepare graduates as life-long learners, able to readily cope with “Challenging Acute Nursing Episodes” (CANE).Methods: A mixed method approach was utilised. Students followed the seven step PBL process and attended skills sessions and simulations facilitated by lecturers. High-fidelity mannequins with the capacity for physiological response and standardised patients were used and sessions were digitally recorded.Results: On completion of the module evaluations were obtained both quantitatively and qualitatively from the convenience sample of 30 students, who were asked to rate their satisfaction. While not every student completed the electronic evaluation, all thirty participated in a focus group discussion which yielded rich comment reporting high satisfaction with the merged approach. Students stated they felt more competent in critically analysing patient scenarios.Discussion: The integrative learning approach has provided a template to develop clinical competencies and enhance the learning experience.

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