What teacher knowledge is required to mediate synchronous on-line learning spaces?

Hallissy, Michael (2011) What teacher knowledge is required to mediate synchronous on-line learning spaces? [Conference Proceedings]


This poster will present my research proposal in the area of teacher knowledge and synchronous learning environments. I am enrolled in year five of the International EdD in the Institute of London where I am currently finalising my thesis proposal. As Director of the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) within Hibernia College I have identified that many of our tutors are experts within their subject field and are experienced teaching in face-to-face settings. But many find it challenging to mediate synchronous online classrooms where they are engaging with students at a distance. This poses issues for institutions in relation to supporting their faculty develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully teach in synchronous online learning settings. There is significant research on how tutors can mediate asynchronous learning environments but there has been limited research to date on the knowledge required to teach using synchronous tools, such as Interwise, Wimba and Elluminate. This raises issues around how to can prepare teachers to teach in live synchronous environments. My thesis proposal builds on a presentation I made at NAIRTL 2010 where I surveyed a selection of MATL students on their views in relation to synchronous tutorials. This poster will articulate my research question, the research population, where the research will be conducted and the proposed timeline. It will also discuss the issues and rationale behind the study and will present a selection of the literature reviewed around the topic of supporting tutors to mediate online learning spaces. I will focus my literature review on identifying the knowledge and strategies best suited to creating social constructivist online learning spaces. The rationale behind this study is to better understand the challenges tutors face in mediating online synchronous settings and the types of teacher professional development that may best meet their needs. I am currently trialling a number of online support workshops with a group of tutors and these are informing my research on how to better support tutors to improve their online teaching strategies.

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