Computer-assisted learning in undergraduate psychiatry (CAL-PSYCH): Evaluation of a pilot programme

Guerandel, A, Felle, P and Malone, K (2003) Computer-assisted learning in undergraduate psychiatry (CAL-PSYCH): Evaluation of a pilot programme. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 20 (3). pp. 84-87. ISSN 07909667 (ISSN)


Objectives: To introduce and evaluate a computer assisted learning programme in undergraduate psychiatry (CAL-PSYCH). Methods: An interactive e-learning environment was created within the University College Dublin portal to assist students in acquiring the necessary skills in undergraduate psychiatry. The pilot phase consisted of providing their lectures on-line on the interactive site. Data were gathered from the last group of students in 2001 (pre-CAL-PSYCH) and the first group of students using CAL-PSYCH in 2002. We included assessment of percentage of students accessing the site, attendance rates at face-to-face lectures and tutorials, and also a feedback questionnaire from students who accessed the site. Results: All responders had used CAL-PSYCH. Students gave higher ratings for quality and interactivity of lectures compared with the pre-CAL-PSYCH curriculum. Students also expressed enthusiasm about CAL-PSYCH and encouraged us to develop it further. Conclusions: Computer-assisted learning environments such as CAL-PSYCH provide the opportunity to bring modern e-learning techniques to medical education, and may provide a new model for life-long learning in medicine.

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