Predictors of performance in primary-school teaching

Greaney, Vincent, Burke, Andrew and McCann, Joseph (1999) Predictors of performance in primary-school teaching. The Irish Journal of Education/Iris Eireannach an Oideachais. pp. 22-37.


Relationships between characteristics of candidates prior to their entry into the; teaching profession, performance in teacherducation courses, and subsequent; effectiveness in full-time primary-school teaching are examined. Comparisons are; made between the teaching effectiveness of graduates of concurrent ad consecutive; teacher preparation (regular courses. Academic ahievement athe end of; secondary schooling and pre-entry interview ratings were found to be significantly; related to level of degree awarded and to performance in teaching practice. Teaching; practice grades and achievement lvels in Professional Studies inEducation emerged; as the only significant predictors of effectiveness in full-time teaching. Statistically; significant differences in teaching performance were not associated with type of; teacher preparation programme (concurrent, consecutive or category of student; (regular BEd, mature BEd, postgraduate). Ratings of graduates' teaching of Irish,; English, and Mathematics were not a functionf whether individuals had or had not; majored in those subject areas

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