EBL in the Humanities: first impressions

Gilvary, Gerry (2011) EBL in the Humanities: first impressions. [Conference Proceedings]


In September 2009, I introduced Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) methods into a number of practice and theory based modules on the Creative Digital Media Programme in ITT Dublin. As a recent convert to EBL practices, I was heavily influenced by the work of Phil Race, Ranald MacDonald, Ray Lands and Terry Barrett as a basis for the guiding principles to introduce EBL elements into my modules. The support of CELT in Tallaght with a SIF 2 grant, and the considerable resources of LIN, AISHE and NAIRTL, meant that I was not alone in my quest. I decided to adopt a hybrid-EBL approach across a number of modules in small stages. The chosen modules were: Video Production (second year), Advanced Video Production (fourth year), Professional Practices (third year), and Scriptwriting (second year). The plan was to introduce more practice based elements into the theory based modules, and in the practice based strands, foster independent learning as a key transferable skill as well as to aid the production process. I particularly wanted to encourage the development of more worthy video projects with outside clients such as Cheeverstown Trust and Trustus, two voluntary organisations operating close to the Institute. The first requirement was the roll-out of Moodle in order to provide a reliable method of course delivery and management. Secondly a series of new approaches were introduced such as Meyer- Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) for team working, The Enneagram for scriptwriting generation, and The Media Production Triangle for assessing each team member's skillset. Thirdly was the introduction of Peer and Self-Assessment, Reflective Lab Reports, and Reflective Journals to moderate student achievement. Finally was an evaluation of the methods as part of a Programmatic Review. As I complete my fourth semester, I feel that I would like to share my experiences, the challenges I faced, and the future goals of EBL in the Humanities. My PechaKucha presentation will provide an overview of this constantly evolving arena.

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