Assessment of motivation in gaming based e-learning

Ghergulescu, I. and Hava Muntean, C. (2010) Assessment of motivation in gaming based e-learning. [Conference Proceedings]


The technological developments characteristic to today's digital era have contributed to significant advances in the area of e-learning and in particular gaming based e-learning. To better suit learners' particular needs, the latest Adaptive e-Learning Systems (AeLS) personalise the educational content and the learning process according to their knowledge, goals, preferences, etc. However, since keeping students motivated for the entire learning session still represents a challenging task, assessment and measurement of learners motivation is currently one of the main research area in elearning. On another hand, due to the high success of gaming among young people, e-learning systems started to integrate gaming into the learning process. However, currently the educational games do not follow the same trend that sees games in general becoming more affective. Therefore, they are not motivational as they can be. This paper bridges research from the areas of motivation assessment in e-learning and affective gaming, and presents how various motivation modeling solutions used by e-learning systems, can be used for assessing learners' motivation in adaptive gaming based e-learning. © 2010 IADIS.

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