Inclusion and the student voice: Lessons from the Trinity Inclusive Curriculum strategy

Garvey, M. (2011) Inclusion and the student voice: Lessons from the Trinity Inclusive Curriculum strategy. In: International Perspectives on Higher Education Research. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 225-233. ISBN 14793628 (ISSN); 9780857249036 (ISBN)


Purpose: This case study describes the Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (TIC) strategy, which aims to embed inclusion within Trinity College Dublin (TCD) through the creation of an online application for self-evaluating the inclusivity of academic practices, and a supporting resource website. TIC arose in response to the additional needs arising from increasing diversity within TCD, resulting from national and institutional policies aiming to widen participation in higher education. Approach: TIC involved three phases. Phase I reviewed the academic environment within TCD, primarily through a student survey. Following this review, TIC developed a draft teaching and learning self-evaluation tool, and piloted it within 12 TCD courses in phase II. Pilots involved stakeholder feedback (staff and student), resource review, classroom observation, completion of the tool and engagement with the resulting action report. Following the pilot, TIC created an online version of the tool. Phase III is underway, and seeks to embed this tool within TCD policies and processes, and to promote its use elsewhere. Findings: Extensive student feedback has shown that there are common barriers for all students. Common themes include difficulties finding information, and difficulties arising from a lack of coordination between academic, administrative, and service areas. The TIC self-evaluation tool allows staff to reflect on, evaluate, and respond to issues causing student difficulty. Value: TIC is working to embed this tool within TCD and elsewhere. Through the TIC tool, TCD, and other participating institutions can continue to enhance the inclusivity of their academic environments. © 2011 by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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