On-Campus Learning: Rethinking learning outside of the classroom

Gallo, Maria (2008) On-Campus Learning: Rethinking learning outside of the classroom. [Conference Proceedings]


The poster challenges a common paradigm of undergraduate education in Ireland—a student acquires knowledge and skills in the classroom and hones the skills in a practical situation, such as a work placement. This poster demonstrates the potential to rethink opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, but on campus. As Ireland builds more sophisticated higher education institutions (HEIs), they are a microcosm of society- from a complex administrative and management services, medical services, a canteen and crèche, accommodation and athletic facilities. What can an institution itself through its administrative, ancillary and student services provide as learning opportunities? This poster is a reflection on rethinking and applying the third-level institution itself as a legitimate learning environment. Job shadowing, on campus work placements, engaging students on committees and on-campus activities will enhance the student experience while enabling those in the institution to engage directly with students. Whether it is the estates manager and the engineering student; the Communications Department and the marketing student; a SIF-funded project and an undergraduate as a research assistant; the student services committee and the social studies student; the philosophy student and the President—the complementary scenarios on campus are endless and invaluable. What are some of the challenges to enhancing on-campus learning? This poster explores some of these potential on-campus learning opportunities outside of the classroom to spark discussion and debate over the role of the whole institution to a student’s learning

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