Is video effective in teaching clinical skills? A systematic review

Gallagher, Aideen and McGrath, Margaret (2011) Is video effective in teaching clinical skills? A systematic review. [Conference Proceedings]


In the past decade there has been an increased use of digital learning resources within higher education. This escalation is driven partly by the increased availability and relatively low cost of new technologies, demands from a new tech savvy generation and the perception the using digital resources may be a more efficient method of teaching large groups of students. In the Health Sciences, third level education is required to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice as competent professionals upon graduation. This has resulted in a significant amount of the undergraduate curriculum being devoted to teaching clinical skills in preparation for practice. Consequently, digital learning resources are being used more frequently to support the acquisition of both basic and advanced clinical skills and to promote on-going professional development. Although digital learning supports are perceived to be a valuable way of engaging students to develop professional skills, limited attention has been paid to the efficacy of digital learning supports. Although they can engage students in learning, can they achieve the same outcomes as traditional learning approaches? This paper attempts to address this question by presenting the results of a systematic review examining the use of digital learning resources within healthcare education.

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