NCAD First Year Core Studies: Art and Design Studio Teaching and Assessment

Fitzpatrick, Feargal (2011) NCAD First Year Core Studies: Art and Design Studio Teaching and Assessment. [Conference Proceedings]


NCAD First Year Core Studies is the first year programme for students commencing all degree programmes at NCAD*. Core Studies seeks to implement and maintain best practice in the management of students' academic progress and the assessment of their work. (*The degree in Industrial Design is a partial exception) The objectives of this study were: • Clarify and make more transparent the assessment procedures • Introduce students to student-centred study • Involve students in the management of their own academic progress • Support students in developing an independent, critically reflexive studio practice • Position Core Studies as an interdisciplinary discourse (i.e. set of concerns and/or practices) within NCAD, as opposed to a time or location-based foundational model Methods/Actions • Written briefs are provided for each module listing learning activities and learning outcomes. • Teaching is focused on meaningfully connecting learning activities to learning outcomes. •Assessment criteria are published • Assessment is by at least two staff per module • Results of each module are provided to students in tutorial sessions • Feedback is broken down and discussed as per marking criteria • Student report forms are issued and collated (students provide a written account of their tutorial, advice given, and course of action to be taken) Results/Achievements • Increased transparency in assessment procedures • Greater clarity as to each student's academic progress • More opportunities to support underperforming students • More even spread of workloads (for staff and students) • Students take more responsibility for their own progress • Students become co-creators of knowledge Challenges/Experiences • Staff and students value the improved clarity and structure. • Progress to 2nd year simplified • Students become adaptable, resourceful and independent Conclusions: These procedures provide a solid basis for progress in the face of imminent significant change at NCAD and across Irish 3rd level education

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