International student collaboration in biosystems engineering using video podcasts in design classes

Curran, T. P., Gates, R. S., Gentile, F., Scott, D., Ayuga, F., Briassoulis, D. and Zhang, C. (2014) International student collaboration in biosystems engineering using video podcasts in design classes. [Conference Proceedings]


A working group within the Trans-Atlantic Biosystems Engineering Network (TABE. NET) analyzed the idea of the development of an international collaborative design project for undergraduate students in the participating institutions. Aims of this action were to get a change in the students' outlook to utilize in their remaining years within the university and a more internationalized resume before they finish. Further outcomes desired by the team were a second or third language acquisition and an appropriate peer assessment across cultures. Following a review of ways to collaborate, it was decided that the most feasible method to implement in the short term was a video podcast. This paper reports on the learning experience of students who took part in this collaboration across the network in the 2013/14 academic year. They were asked to create a video with technical content for an international peer audience and to assess and provide feedback for videos created by international peers. A total of 74 videos were compiled by student groups in six modules/courses/classes across a range of topics in five partner institutions. Videos were uploaded to YouTube and peer assessment was provided in the comments section under each clip. Students indicated that the video podcast collaboration was a positive experience and the vast majority felt they had improved their communication skills. The activity also led to a slight increase in the percentage of people who wanted to develop their language skills further. The students found it interesting but challenging to evaluate other students' work.

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