A reflection on teachers' experience as e-learners

Cunningham, T., McDonnell, C., McIntyre, B. and McKenna, T. (2008) A reflection on teachers' experience as e-learners. In: Applied E-Learning and E-Teaching in Higher Education. IGI Global, pp. 56-83. ISBN 9781599048147 (ISBN)


This chapter explores the insights gained by a group of teachers from their lived experience as e-learners participating in a blended module on designing e-learning. An understanding of the student perspective on online learning was obtained, but we were also able to reflect on our participation in the module on the basis of our other roles: as teachers and potential e-tutors, and as course designers. As a result, important considerations were identified for the design and facilitation of online courses. These include the support provided to online learners, particularly over the first few weeks; appropriate assessment methods; the facilitation of online collaboration; access to the Internet; time management; and contextualising and scaffolding learning activities. Some issues relating to the implementation of effective e-learning in higher education institutions were also considered. Our lived experience as e-learners was invaluable to our development as e-tutors and module designers, and this approach is strongly recommended to achieve effective learning on how to be an effective online tutor and facilitator and how to design and develop online programmes and activities that make full use of the strengths of online learning. © 2009, IGI Global.

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