Remote labs Access in Multimedia for Information and Communication Systems

Cronin, S. and Garvey, R. (2013) Remote labs Access in Multimedia for Information and Communication Systems. [Conference Proceedings]


This full paper outlines the role of the DEIS Department, Cork Institute of Technology (DEIS CIT), Ireland in the European project, Remote-labs Access in Internet-based Performance-centred Learning Environment for Curriculum Support (RIPLECS). The Multimedia for Information and Communication Systems (ICS) module developed by DEIS CIT for the RIPLECS project integrates the fundamentals of current user generated web content with remote delivery over a cloud infrastructure. The module provides students with theoretical and technical skills in various areas of multimedia technology and design, and incorporates assessment methods with these practical elements. Students are offered a basic introduction to four multimedia subjects; 3D animation, video editing, web development using HTML5 and content management systems. The students are then required to complete tasks as part of a continuous assessment for each of the four subjects. This paper outlines the design of the Multimedia module, describes the structure and scheduling of the module for delivery, the set-up of the remote laboratory in Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and the role of DEIS CIT in the delivery of the course, both academically and administratively. It pays particular attention to the planned piloting of the course and the remote labs infrastructure, which is scheduled to take place in early 2013. © 2013 IEEE.

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