"Peer lead teaching programme, a novel approach at RCSI"

Cronin, Sinead (2011) "Peer lead teaching programme, a novel approach at RCSI". [Conference Proceedings]


The Peer-led Teaching Programme (PLT) is an academic student support programme established at the Royal College of Surgeons in 2008 as a platform to develop an effective, enjoyable and accessible learning community.The PLT programme initially focused on teaching medical students clinical skills and core curriculum based subjects. This year, it has expanded to accommodate four parallel programmes including a Study Skills module and preparation for the United States Medical Licence Examinations (USMLE). These are facilitated through large lecture based learning, smaller tutorial group teaching and one to one sessions.Thirty six senior clinical students were selected through a competitive application and interview process. Training programmes were provided for the PLTs as appropriate to their programme area. All teaching was monitored by Faculty members to ensure quality of teaching and standardisation. Approximately 400 students attended the programmes ranged from Year 1 to Year 3. Approximately, 200 students provided course evaluation from JC1 to JC3.Feedback was unanimous in demonstrating an overall benefit in concept understanding and exam preparation. The students requested a desire for further ‘hands on learning’ and suggested that some information may have been too advanced for their level. Requests were also made for an increase in sessional teaching. Enhancing the relationship between PLT and academic staff to develop curriculum needs would also prove beneficial This feedback will inform constructive change for the coming academic year.The Peer-led Teaching Programme has allowed students to learn from each other in an informal manner as an adjunct to formal college teaching. The students were given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills as well as building confidence and self-esteem. The programme facilitated the PLTs to reinforce their knowledge and develop teaching skills; a role that they will assume throughout their medical careers. This novel programme has proven to be very successful amongst the student body of RCSI.

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