An Innovative Pathway in Research and Teaching and Learning for Humanities Graduates

Conrick, Maeve and Cox, Fiona (2010) An Innovative Pathway in Research and Teaching and Learning for Humanities Graduates. [Conference Proceedings]


This paper presents research on an original aspect of Graduate Education, based on a NAIRTL-funded project. The project involves the provision of a unique forum for postgraduate students, in particular PhD students from Humanities Departments, working across a range of disciplines (including literature, linguistics, translation and postcolonial studies) to reflect on the postgraduate experience from the students' perspective. Among the innovative aspects of the project is the fact that students will share with other students precisely the experience, knowledge and advice that they themselves found most helpful and supportive. It is hypothesised that recently successful students are in a unique position to identify pitfalls and offer positive strategies for establishing appropriate research methodologies, as well as support for practical concerns such as the generic skills of effective time-management and how best to apply for research funding. In sum, the project provides an original and essential angle on developing early-career research and teaching and learning skills. The paper presents an outline of the proposed methodology for delivery of the project objectives, with details of time scale and outcomes. The methodologies include the creation of a learning community and support network, which provide opportunities, in various formats, for the pooling of expertise and experiences. The active involvement of students is central to the execution of the project, as many activities are student-led and provide experience of academic leadership, presentation and writing, as well as showcasing successful role models for current postgraduates. In bringing current and past postgraduates together, one of the project's aims is to counteract the possible isolation which may affect Humanities research activity, and which may be particularly acute at the early-career researcher stage.

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