Teaching for Understanding Team Approach: Circle of Change

Collins, Martina, Holohan, Anne, Murphy, Clare and O’Keeffe, Anne (2008) Teaching for Understanding Team Approach: Circle of Change. [Conference Proceedings]


We are involved in the teaching of undergraduate Dental Hygiene and Dental students. As a result of our participation in the PGCTL course in U.C.C. we have implemented some of the teaching for understanding framework to enhance the learning experience for all. This poster presentation demonstrates the team approach to change. Each one of us introduced a different aspect of the framework.Aim: To use the TFU framework to improve staff teaching and student learning.• A rubric was designed to correct an essay on dental plaque• Reflective writing was introduced to the students to assess a Dental Health Education field trip. • Student-led- assessment- students were invited to submit four questions with sample answers to set a written short answer paper. • Classroom assessment techniques- students were asked to complete a ‘Muddiest point’ and a ‘Minute paper’, briefly asking them to outline one thing that they found confusing from a lecture plus one new aspect they learned. Introducing the T.F.U. framework encouraged us to reflect on our teaching strategies. The above methods facilitated the enrichment and enhancement of both staff teaching and student learning. The graphs display a variety of evidence, both encouraging and challenging. Looking forward we can visualise this circle of change growing and developing.

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