Revised European core curriculum for RTs

Coffey, Mary, Degerfält, Jan, Osztavics, Andreas, van Hedel, Judocus and Vandevelde, Guy (2004) Revised European core curriculum for RTs. pp. 137-158.


Aim; To update the first version of the European core curriculum to reflect many developments in radiotherapy and educational philosophy that have taken place in the interim period.; ; Materials and methods; The first version of the European core curriculum was reviewed by the Steering Group together with current education programmes from the various member states and taking into account the developments and changes that have taken place in radiotherapy. From these initial meetings, a working document and provisional timetable were prepared. Given the diversity of the existing programmes, the language difficulties and lack of national curricula it was agreed that a representative from both the clinical and academic areas endorsed by their national professional body would be identified for each country. These participants were then invited to participate in two workshops and the working document and timetable were circulated. Two workshops were held and a final draft document was circulated to the professional bodies and other interested groups.; ; Results; The revised European Core Curriculum for RTTs was endorsed by the participants of the workshops representing academic and clinical areas of all the member states and was welcomed by the wider circulation. Compared to the first version the revised curriculum describes the background underpinning the practice of radiation therapy and the variation across the member states, issues of staffing, educational philosophy, certification level, legislation governing recognition of qualifications and a core syllabus.; ; Conclusion; The revised core curriculum is an important step in the progress of professional recognition for RTTs, towards harmonisation of education programmes in Europe and meeting the aim of best practice and equality of care for all patients receiving radiotherapy. Responsibility for developing education programmes from the curriculum will rest with the local and/or national education bodies and authorities.

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