Distance learning from Dublin

Cashman, Diane (2010) Distance learning from Dublin. i-i. ISSN 0042-4900


FOR veterinary professionals who are unable to commit to full-time campus tuition, distance learning is growing in popularity. Barriers to studying include the time and costs of travelling to university campuses. Thisissue is particularly noticeable for University College Dublin (UCD), as it is the only veterinary school on the island of Ireland, and many vets and nurses are located in dispersed rural communities across the country.Veterinary medicine at UCD is exploring alternative methods to deliver graduate programmesand continuing education. Onlineeducation, for example, offers students the opportunity to study at a time and place that is flexible, thereby accommodating the busylifestyle of a typical veterinarian.Improving broadband infrastructureis enabling UCD to offer and deliver programmes online to veterinary practitioners across Ireland. Meanwhile, the development of online social networking technologies supports the implementation of innovativeteaching and learning approaches. Online communities can be established and fostered to enable students to exchange knowledge,ideas and experiences in order to solve problems and discuss cases. This type of interaction between students encourages deep learningand fosters strong collaborative links.

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