Widening access to distance education using mobile technologies-A pilot project

Boyle, Liam, O'Keeffe, Noeleen and Walsh, Elaine (2007) Widening access to distance education using mobile technologies-A pilot project. [Conference Proceedings]


Distance learners are typically adults who struggle to find sufficient time for their studies amongst diverse domestic and work commitments. Any technology that allows them to make more effective use of available time would be welcome. Mobile devices – such as mobile phones, digital personal audio devices (mp3 players) and Personal Digital Assistants – hold the promise of extending the time available for study, by allowing learners to access programme materials during miscellaneous commuting time and waiting time. This project represents an initial attempt to explore these possibilities in Oscail. The project consists of two-phases. In the first phase, participants on selected online distance postgraduate programmes offered by Oscail were surveyed to assess their current usage of mobile devices and also to gauge interest in using mobile devices to support learning on these programmes. For the second phase sample educational resources were developed and deployed, which students were invited to access and evaluate.

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Boyle et al 2007 Widening_Access_using_Mobile_Technologies_-_Oscail_-_full_p.pdf

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