Skills SuperStore: Online Interactive Study Skills Environment

Bermingham, Caitriona and Mahdi, Abdulhussain (2007) Skills SuperStore: Online Interactive Study Skills Environment. In: E-Learning Networked Environments and Architectures. Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing . Springer London, pp. 147-185. ISBN 978-1-84628-351-2, 978-1-84628-758-9


An online interactive environment for provision of flexible student-centered study and interpersonal skills training is described, and preliminary results of its evaluation are reported. The system has been designed to assist higher education students develop study skills via formulating effective strategies that help them learn, retain, and apply new knowledge during their university education and beyond. The system’s features, functionality, and architecture were developed based on the findings of a viability study conducted at our institution and facilitated by (a) evaluation of various approaches for the provision of study skills training employed by higher education institutions worldwide, and (b) surveying students from various departments and disciplines. The system comprises a number of interactive modules used as flexible learning aids in conjunction with existing learning skills materials and resources. The interactivity of the system is achieved by users making choices, answering questions, and completing activities related to their own experiences.

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