Are the bigger hospitals better: DREEM on?

Bennett, D., Kelly, M. and O'Flynn, S. (2010) Are the bigger hospitals better: DREEM on? pp. 515-519. ISSN 00211265 (ISSN)


Background: Clinical teaching in the undergraduate medical curriculum occurs at diverse sites. Analysis of the quality or effectiveness of such sites centres on student feedback. The Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) is a standardised instrument used internationally to analyse the educational environment. Aim: Our objective was to analyse and compare the student experience at a range of hospital clinical sites in the year 3 undergraduate medical programme in the School of Medicine in University College Cork using the DREEM. Methods: All year 3 students were asked to complete the DREEM at the end of each hospital rotation. Results: All hospital sites performed well but smaller hospitals perform particularly well. Conclusions: In the current climate, schools are compelled to make strategic decisions regarding the configuration of clinical teaching in a context where healthcare is also increasingly centralised. However, it is clear that smaller hospitals are preferred by students. © 2010 Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland.

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