Geographic information e-training initiatives for national spatial data infrastructures

Beconyte, G., Govorov, M., Ningal, T. F., Parseliunas, E. and Urbanas, S. (2008) Geographic information e-training initiatives for national spatial data infrastructures. pp. 11-28.


National and regional geographic datasets with derivative spatial analysis techniques are Often Crucial for decision-making ill Sustainable development for both developing and developed training are demonstrated in this Countries. The needs in the spatial data and respective training are demonstrated in this article by the two very diverse examples of Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Lithuania national Spatial data infrastructures. Handling and efficient, use of geographic data requires rather specific skills. However, the existing curricula are inconsistent and hardly match even the basic needs of geographic information managers in state institutions and municipalities. The main objective of the proposed geographic information e-training system is to develop and provide the modularised Spatial Information Infrastructure courses intended for on-line based learning. This mainly will target employees of civil service and private business in Lithuania and the European Union. The proposed curriculum civil set is a set of modular Courses adding LIP to 1,5-year part-time Studies in the field of Geographic Information Science and Geographic Information Infrastructure. Main advantage of on-line-based terms or both geographic location and time.

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