Requirements analysis for the Authentic Cloud-based Assessment (A-Class) software system

Barry, Maria, Raeside, Luke and McNutt, Larry (2014) Requirements analysis for the Authentic Cloud-based Assessment (A-Class) software system. In: The 15th Educational Technology Conference of the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA). May 29th and 30th, UCD, Dublin, Ireland.


This paper summarises the findings of an initial requirements analysis phase for a software system called the Authentic Cloud-based Assessment (or A-Class) system. The A-Class research project is attempting to build on the endeavours of educational technologists and educators at third level who seek to develop software supported assessment methodologies and processes that facilitate meaningful student engagement and provide quality feedback. As a starting point for our study over three hundred first, second and third year computing students where provided with self-assessment forms and invited to evaluate their own submissions against a rubric provided at the beginning of the assessment process. Each student was invited to grade their own submissions by providing a component mark for each of the gradable components detailed in the rubric. The assessment forms also provided an opportunity to record any comments, feedback or issues relating to each component. The purpose of this assessment process was to open a dialogue between the student and the content expert on the expectations of the assignment from the student and content expert perspectives and to maximise the feedback given to students with direct reference to each component within the rubric. This paper reports on our analysis of the contents of over one thousand three hundred individual assessment forms. We also discuss herein the impact that this initial requirements gathering process will have on the development of the A-Class software system. Finally we discuss the future development and test plans for the A-Class software system based on the information gleaned from this requirements gathering exercise.

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