"How can technology be efficiently used to support communication, collaboration and assessment associated with the PBL process? "

Widger, Laura and Drohan, Siobhan (2008) "How can technology be efficiently used to support communication, collaboration and assessment associated with the PBL process? ". [Conference Proceedings]

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Problem Based Learning (PBL) is an interactive learning process requiring participants to communicate, collaborate and work as a group, with a view to solving a set problem. Social Networking Software (SNS) has facilitated the communication and collaboration of users who share a common interest regardless of demographics or geographic location. The merging of SNS with teaching and learning practices is an evolving area of pedagogical research. This paper builds on the results of an exploratory investigation which concluded that SNS can support the PBL process. Findings also indicated that students desired greater integration of technology into their teaching and learning practices. In support of this, the facilitator concluded that greater use of technology helped reduce the time intensive commitment normally associated with monitoring and evaluating PBL group work. However, the facilitator reflected that technology could have been applied more efficiently in the PBL assessment process and questioned whether a piece of software could be used to simplify this procedure. This paper investigates the feasibility of using SNS to further improve the students learning experience, specifically communication and collaboration. This study challenges the assumption that effective use of technology and PBL can be time consuming to implement by presenting a strategy for significantly reducing this work load for PBL educators with regard to assessment. It is proposed that the appropriate use of SNS, specifically Google Apps, can serve the needs of both the learner and facilitator engaged with PBL. Google Apps offers a suite of communication and collaborative tools that were spontaneously utilized by participants in the initial study. This paper supports the integration of research into the undergraduate learning experience and enables educators to improve their teaching and assessment practices.

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