Core concepts suitable for education and training for the biopharmaceutical industry

Walsh, G. (2001) Core concepts suitable for education and training for the biopharmaceutical industry. Drug Information Journal, 35 (3). pp. 985-991. ISSN 00928615 (ISSN)

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At the University of Limerick, a course curriculum is presented which is designed to provide graduates with a balanced and comprehensive overview of the biopharmaceutical industry and to prepare graduates for careers in the biopharmaceutical sector. The course outline consists of a series of core concepts suitable for inclusion in a range of degree programs servicing the health care sector. It is provided as a template which may readily be adapted to render it consistent with the overall educational objectives and philosophy of courses in pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, biotechnology, and biomedicine. In addition to the syllabus, a bank of resource material is provided.

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