"Exploring the synergy between pedagogical research, teaching and learning in introductory physics"

Wallace, Leah (2011) "Exploring the synergy between pedagogical research, teaching and learning in introductory physics". [Conference Proceedings]

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Synergy, by definition, is the interaction of two or more agents so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. By actively linking the pedagogical research performed through the Limerick Institute of Technology Centre of Expertise in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning to the mainstream teaching and learning of undergraduate introductory physics carried out in the LIT Department of Applied Sciencethe benefits to both areas will be manifold.Research currently being undertaken at the LIT Centre of Expertise is focussed on developing and delivering a set of pedagogical techniques designed specifically to meet the educational needs of our first year Science learners in the Institute of Technology sector. These techniques include several active learning strategies and teaching interventions directed at addressing the deficits in learners’ knowledge and understanding. The benefits to learners include developing their metacognitive skills, and increasing their motivation and engagement. Our physics modules have been specifically designed with a strong emphasis on developing a holistic (i.e. qualitative, quantitative and conceptual) understanding of physical principles which are relevant to the instrumentation and analytical techniques employed by biologists, environmental scientists, chemists, forensic scientists and other analytical scientists.By placing an emphasis on active learning in introductory physics lectures, practicals and tutorials, developing metacognition and using group-work to solve real-world problems an authentic learning experience is facilitated.This paper discusses the background and presents preliminary results that indicate that a holistic learning strategy and development of metacognition are positively impacting learners’ performance in first year introductory physics.

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