Assessment of prescribing skills in undergraduate medical students in fourth year of training

Spooner, Muirne and Strawbridge, Judith and Delaney, F. and Meagher, Corrigan, Frances and McElvaney, Noel Gerard (2011) Assessment of prescribing skills in undergraduate medical students in fourth year of training. [Conference Proceedings]

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Medication errors comprise a considerable component of patient morbidity and mortality. The objective of this study was to objectively determine the prescribing competence of undergraduate medical students.Fourth year medical students were assessed in a 21 station OSCE. The examination was performed four times during the academic year, with a total of 247 students were assessed. Two sittings of the assessment were randomised to include a prescribing task in each station. The remaining two assessments included clinical theory in place of prescribing. The mean score across all stations in the assessments including prescribing was 41+/- 5.66, compared to a mean score of 72+/- 4.45 in the assessments without prescribing questions. (p<0.05). Sub-analysis of the prescribing questions demonstrated that among the incorrect responses, 36% chose an inappropriate medication, 43% prescribed an incorrect dosage, 43% an incorrect route and 46% an incorrect frequency.Prescribing competence continues to be sub-optimal in undergraduate medical students. The conclusion is that there is need for vertical and horizontal integration of prescribing teaching.

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