Neo-Liberalism and the Deconstruction of the Humanistic Pedagogic Tradition

Sparks, Chris (2013) Neo-Liberalism and the Deconstruction of the Humanistic Pedagogic Tradition. [Conference Proceedings]

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Neo-Liberalism and the Deconstruction of the Humanistic Pedagogic Tradition; Chris Sparks; ; Until recently, most educators share a commonly understood ‘tradition’ of teaching and learning, perceived to be embedded in long-standing models of practice. Since the Hellenic discussions of Paideia, the pedagogic tradition (complete with its internal disputes over the relative value of didactic tutoring and practical ‘learning through doing’) (Dewey1916, Arendt 1961) has been underpinned by a set of shared understandings of what education is, what it is for and what it is worth (Tomlinson 1995:305): the guidance of self-unfurling human potential towards the achievement of autonomous and reflexive self-and-other enabling citizenship. In recent times, however, two significant factors have characterised a shift away from this settled collective understanding: (a) the performance of the traditional modes of teaching have become infiltrated and overlaid by constant and intense changes, leaving academics struggling to underpin their teaching activities with clear philosophical principles; (b) these changes are, to a significant degree, designed to undermine traditional pedagogic goals and replace them with processes that inculcate neo-liberal ideology. These factors are clearly evident in the recent changes within higher education globally.

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