Virtual mathematics for the virtual environment of mechatronics at undergraduate level

Saleh, M. (2004) Virtual mathematics for the virtual environment of mechatronics at undergraduate level. [Conference Proceedings]

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The investigation and hence the debates on quality of learning and teaching styles is not a new issue at any educational institution. Experience in teaching engineering mathematics at third level engineering courses has shown that students encounter some difficulties in mathematics, with a certain degree of disinterest and apathy. Research shows contrasting opinions and as yet no completed formula has been developed to make mathematics a popular subject among engineering students. This paper discusses the implication of a new style of teaching mathematics at third level engineering/ mechatronic courses. The material presented in this paper is part of ongoing research in engineering education and is a revised and expanded version of a lead paper presented at the ITB research conference 2004 [1]. This paper is an attempt to promote mathematics in engineering courses and could be of benefit to both educators and mechatronic/engineering students. © 2004 IEEE.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 66063; Export Date: 23 February 2015; CODEN: 85RSA; Correspondence Address: Saleh, M.; School of Informatics and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown Dublin 15, Ireland; email:; References: Saleh, M., McGuinness, C., A new integrated style to teaching engineering mathematics at third level engineering courses (2004) ITB Research Conference 2004, , 22/23 April; Steele, N., Engineering mathematics-dare to hope? (2003) Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA, 22 (4), pp. 199-208. , December; MacBean, J., Graham, T., Sangwin, C., Section a group work in mathematics: A survey of students' experience and attitude (2004) Teaching Maths and Its Applications, 23 (2), pp. 49-68; Prendergast, J., Saleh, M., Lynch, K., Murphy, J., A revolutionary style at third level education towards TQM (2001) J. of Materials Proc. Technology, 118, pp. 362-367; Saleh, M., Reverse Engineering: An effective approach to studying Mechatronics at undergraduate tertiary education (2003) IEEE ICIT, pp. 824-829; Ollerenshaw, D.K., (2004) Refection on Problem-solving Mathematics Today, 40 (2), pp. 62-64. , April; Howson, A.G., (1995) Tackling the Mathematics Problem, , London: London Mathematical Society, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Royal Statistical Society; James, D.G., (1995) Mathematics Matters in Engineering. Working Group Report, , The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications; Sutherland, R., Pozzi, S., (1995) The Changing Mathematical Background of Undergraduate Engineers - A Review of the Issues, , London: the Engineering Council; Edwards, P., Edwards, P.M., Tackling the mathematics problem with MathinSite (2003) Global J. of Engng Educ., 7 (1), pp. 95-102; Howrwitz, A., Edbrahimpour, A., Engineering applications in differential and integrated calculus (2002) Int. J. of Eng. Educ., 18 (1), pp. 78-88; Fuller, M., Current issues in engineering mathematics in Australia (2000) Proc. of the Mathematical Educ. of Engineers II, pp. 47-52. , Australia, April; Carlos, A., Caballero, P., Souza, R.F., Observation of solitons with MATHEMATICAL (1996) IEEE Trans. on Educ., 39 (1), pp. 46-49; Saleh, M., Development of a finite element computer program for two dimentional large elastic plastic deformation (1992) Int. Cong. Num. Methods in App. Sci., , (1992), Concepcion, Chile; Grünwald, N., Schott, D., World mathematics 2000: Challenges in revolutionising mathematical teaching in engineering education under complicated societal conditions (2000) Global J. of Engng Educ., 4 (3), pp. 235-243; Belbin, R.M., (1996) Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail. Butterworth-Heinemann, , ISBN: 0750626763
Uncontrolled Keywords: CBL; Engineering education; Debates; Engineering courses; Virtual mathematics; Learning systems; Mechatronics; Research and development management; Societies and institutions; Students; Virtual reality
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