Reverse engineering an effective approach to studying mechatronics at undergraduate tertiary education

Saleh, M. (2003) Reverse engineering an effective approach to studying mechatronics at undergraduate tertiary education. [Conference Proceedings]

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This paper describes the existing teaching methodologies in engineering at undergraduate tertiary education. Also, it discuses the effectiveness of implementing reverse engineering as an attractive approach to studying Mechatronics. Practical examples are illustrated to explore the aspects, the practicality and the flexibility of this educational method. Overall, the material presented in this paper can be of crucial benefit to educators who are involved in setting up, designing, delivering and assessing material in inter-disciplinary and integrated engineering courses at tertiary education. ©2003 IEEE.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 64953; Cited By :3; Export Date: 23 February 2015; CODEN: 85RSA; Correspondence Address: Saleh, M.; School of Informatics and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland; email:; References: Fallow, L., Engineering Education for the future (1996) J. Eng.Sci & Education, 5, p. 5; Otala, L., Studying for the future (1993) ASEE PRISM, pp. 22-29. , Oct; Lynch, K., Saleh, M., Probable future trends in manufacturing engineering at third level education (1999) AMPT'99, pp. 1949-1967. , August; Da Silverin, M.A., Scavarda-Do-Carmo, L.C., Sequential and concurrent teaching structure hands-on methodology (1999) IEEE Transaction Educ, 42, p. 2. , May; Reitdijk, J.A., Ten propositions on mechatronics Mechatronic Syst. Eng., 1 (1), pp. 9-10; Bradley, D.A., The what, why and how of mechatronics (1997) J. of Eng. Sci. Education, 6, pp. 81-88. , 2, April; Bronzino, J.D., Design and teamwork: A must for freshmen (1994) IEEE Trans. Educ., 37. , May; Prendergast, J., Saleh, M., Lynch, K., Murphy, J., A revolutionary style at third level education towards TQM (2001) J. of Materials Proc. Technology, 118, pp. 362-367; Kim, S.W., Reverse engineering: High-speed digitization of free-form surfaces by phase shifting grating projection moiré (1999) Int. J. Machine Tools & Manufacturing, 39, pp. 389-401; Ingle, K.A., (1994) Reverse Engineering, , McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0070316937; Otto, K., Wood, K., (2000) Product Design: Technique in Reverse Engineering and New Product Development, , Prentice Hall, ISBN:0130212717; Saleh, M., Reverse engineering of machine tool design towards manufacturing automation (2000) Int. Conf. Mechanics & Material Design, 3. , Orlando- USA, May; Boothroyd, G., Dewhurst, P., Knight, W., (2001) Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, 2nd Ed, , Marcel Dekker, Inc, ISBN: 0-8247-05 84-X; Farrell, S., Hesketh, R.P., Newell, J.A., Slater, C.S., Introducing Freshmen to Reverse Engineering and design through Investigation of the Brewing Process (2001) Int, J. of Engineering Education, 17, pp. 588-592. , 6; Belbin, R.M., (1996) Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail, , Butterworth-Heinemann; ISBN: 0750626763
Uncontrolled Keywords: Curricula; Engineering education; Mechanical engineering; Mechatronics; Students; Teaching; Educators; Engineering undergraduates; Tertiary education; Undergraduate education; Reverse engineering
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