Community-university partnerships in occupational therapy education: A preliminary exploration of practice in a European context

McGrath, M. and Moldes, I. V. and Fransen, H. and Hofstede-Wessels, S. and Lilienberg, K. (2014) Community-university partnerships in occupational therapy education: A preliminary exploration of practice in a European context. Disability and Rehabilitation, 36 (4). pp. 344-352. ISSN 09638288 (ISSN)

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Aim: To explore community-university partnerships in occupational therapy education in Europe. Method: Educators from Europe were invited to participate in the study. Data were collected using a questionnaire designed for the study. Eleven completed questionnaires were included. Descriptive statistics were generated from quantitative data while qualitative data were analyzed using inductive content analysis. Results: The majority of participants reported that community-university partnerships were part of the third year of undergraduate occupational therapy studies. Partners were from a broad range of sectors. The activities undertaken were typically focused on specific target groups within the community. Three main themes emerged from the qualitative analysis (i) instigating community-university partnerships, (ii) processes of creating and sustaining partnerships and (iii) perceived outcomes of community-university partnerships. Conclusions: This is the first study of community-university partnerships in Europe generating some useful findings. Clarification is needed regarding the use of the term community-university partnership. Educators are called upon to consider how partnerships are embedded into curricula and to address issues of sustainability.Implications for RehabilitationHealthcare education should prepare rehabilitation professionals to collaborate with diverse communities.Community - university collaborations appear to offer opportunities to support students to develop competences for future community orientated practice.Key issues to be considered include choice of pedagogical approach, issues of reciprocity and sustainability. © 2014 Informa UK Ltd.

Item Type: Article
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Community based learning; Content analysis; Europe; Occupational therapy; Partnerships; Survey; adult; article; cross-sectional study; curriculum; education; health services research; human; learning; organization and management; paramedical personnel; program development; public relations; public-private partnership; university; vocational education; Allied Health Personnel; Cross-Sectional Studies; Education, Professional; Humans; Interprofessional Relations; Public-Private Sector Partnerships; Universities
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