McDonnell, Claire and O'Connor, Christine and Rawe, Sarah and Seery, Michael and Kett, David (2010) RESEARCH AWARENESS AND READINESS EVALUATION (RARE) OF UNDERGRADUATE CHEMISTRY STUDENTS AT DUBLIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (DIT). [Conference Proceedings]

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Our project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the research-oriented, research-based and research- led measures introduced to undergraduate teaching in the School of Chemical and PharmaceuticalSciences in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) over the past four years. These developments include project-based learning practical activities in some modules (spectroscopy and medicinal chemistry) in years two and three. We have already shown in a preliminary study that this research-oriented approach can engage and motivate students and allow them to develop key skills such as teamwork, designing experiments, information literacy, problem- solving and project planning (1). In addition, a series of research-led and research-based preparatory activities and lectures have been introduced to support our undergraduate (level seven and eight) final year projects providing timely and focussed support. Where appropriate, use has been made of educational technology to provide online support, activities and resources that complement the teaching and learning activities (e.g. online video tutorials and wiki development). The evaluation will be achieved by seeking feedback from undergraduate students as well as first year postgraduates, academic and technical staff. Pre and post questionnaires with open and closed questions are being designed for this purpose. Informal feedback provided during the teaching activities will also be used. Several short semi-structured interviews will be arranged to examine areas of interest arising from these evaluations. In addition, evaluation data available from 2005 on four DIT UREKA (summer research) students will also be reviewed. It is hoped that results from the pre questionnaires will be available to discuss in this presentation. The evaluation questionnaires prepared and details of the learning activities undertaken will be made available electronically once the project is complete. References McDonnell, C., O'Connor, C. and Seery, M. (2007). Developing Practical Chemistry Skills by Means of Student-Driven Problem Based Learning Mini-Projects, Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 130-139.

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