From dry ice to plutarch's fire - The integration of research and teaching and learning

McCarthy, M. and Higgs, B. and Murphy, J. and Neville, G. (2010) From dry ice to plutarch's fire - The integration of research and teaching and learning. In: Medical Education: The State of the Art. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 139-148. ISBN 9781608761944 (ISBN)

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This chapter sets out to frame the teaching versus research debate, to provide an overview of the key concepts and language that inform it and to suggest ways of moving beyond the debate towards an integrated approach to research, teaching and learning. The tension between teaching and research is explored in the opening section. Issues regarding funding and promotion are introduced as catalysts in this debate. The movement towards a scholarship of teaching and learning, as defined in the Boyer (1990) paradigm and the work of the Carnegie Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, is then introduced as a way of bridging the gap between teaching and research. Interventions to embed research - teaching linkages in the infrastructure of higher education are then suggested. Finally, the benefits of enhancing the research - teaching link are outlined in some detail to advance the argument for the integration of research, teaching and learning. The chapter concludes with the idea that all students and all teachers are scholars - hence the inextricable link between research and teaching. © 2010 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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