Knowledge management in practice: Using wikis to facilitate project-based learning

Masterson, F. (2012) Knowledge management in practice: Using wikis to facilitate project-based learning. In: Knowledge Management Innovations for Interdisciplinary Education: Organizational Applications. IGI Global, pp. 385-401. ISBN 9781466619692 (ISBN)

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Knowledge is created when individuals come together to solve a problem. Project-based learning focuses on solving problems. One aspect of the work of a 21 st century design engineer is the requirement to work remotely on design projects. Engineers coming together to design a product face the problem of working remotely, collaborating, creating, and sharing knowledge. This chapter explores the use of wikis in a product design and development class at an Irish university. This chapter begins by giving an introduction to wikis and their use in education. The design project exercise and assessment process is described. The results of a study are provided that indicate that the vast majority of students found wikis to be a good tool for project collaboration. Wikis were found to be an excellent knowledge management tool that facilitates project-based learning. © 2013, IGI Global.

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