Prospective analysis of errors in requesting blood products and the effect of training on intern practice

Joyce, K. and Devitt, D. and O'Connor, P. and Kerin, M. J. (2013) Prospective analysis of errors in requesting blood products and the effect of training on intern practice. Irish Journal of Medical Science, 182 (7). S340-S341. ISSN 0021-1265

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Introduction: The collection of an appropriately labelled specimen from the correct patient is of critical importance in pre-transfusion testing. The 'Transitioning Programme for Final Meds' (TP5MB) is a 3 week education programme introduced in UCHG in 2012 designed to rapidly up-skill the graduates in medical practices. Aim: The aim of our study was to prospectively assess the errors in blood product prescribing in UCHG by all doctors in Jul-Oct 2012. We assessed the effect of TP5MB training programme by comparing results of those who completed it, to those who did not. Methods: We prospectively analysed all blood product samples completed by doctors from UCHG from 9/7/12-9/10/12. Details of rejected specimens and reasons for rejection were compiled, with analysis performed using SPSSv18. Results: 5217 blood product requests were analysed showing 323 rejected samples. TP5MB had a lower error rate (4.3 %; 43/999) compared to those who did not complete TP5MB (10.5 %; 77/732). The error rate during on-call hours was higher than that of regular working hours (6.2 % vs. 8.1 %). Overall the rate of intern rejected samples was higher than that of non-intern NCHD's (7.11 % vs. 6.51 %). Weekly analysis of errors showed a trend of decreased error rate as job experience increased. Conclusion: TP5MB rapidly up-skills medical graduates. It makes students medically adaptable and leads to safer intern practice. TP5MB should be incorporated into medical training in other universities prior to commencing internship.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: blood; human; physician; graduate; skill; education; medical practice; transfusion; university; job experience; medical education; student; patient
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