Special session - Teaching philosophy in engineering courses

Heywood, J. and Grimson, W. and Korte, R. (2009) Special session - Teaching philosophy in engineering courses. [Conference Proceedings]

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Interest in philosophy and engineering continues to develop. Another special session was held at FIE 2008 and there was a complete paper session devoted to the topic. The second international workshop on philosophy and engineering followed. Many of the contributions at this workshop once again showed that general discussions about philosophy and engineering have outcomes that have implications for the engineering curriculum. An emerging strand relates to the idea that philosophy, in addition to ethics, should be taught in the engineering curriculum. How this should be done is a matter of debate. The questions posed relate to content and method. For example should it be a separate course or integrated into existing programmes, as for example design where there is already a relevant and high quality literature? Is it concerned with the acquisition of philosophical knowledge as covered by the traditional disciplines of knowledge or is it about helping students to develop a philosophical disposition? Note: this special session is designed as a partner session to another special session: Korte & Smith, Developing Engineering Student's Philosophical Inquiry Skills, Session T4B. The purpose of these sessions are to discuss these issues and to elaborate research and development needs. They are accompanied by a single briefing paper by Heywood, Grimson, & Korte, Teaching Philosophy to Engineering Students, also in Session M4A [1]. ©2009 IEEE.

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Additional Information: Conference code: 79825; Export Date: 23 February 2015; CODEN: PFECD; Correspondence Address: Heywood, J.; Trinity College DublinIreland; email: heywoodj@eircom.net; References: Korte, R., Smith, K., Developing engineering students' philosophical inquiry skills FIE 2009 Conference Proceedings, , Second special session: Briefing paper Heywood, J, Grimson, W and R. Korte Teaching Philosophy to Engineering Students; Heywood, J., Smith, K.A., McGrann, R., Special session (2007) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, 1. , T1F - 1 to 2; (1995) The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, pp. 583-584. , See entry on Philosophy of Education in Audi, R (ed) Cambridge University Press; (2005) The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, p. 231. , For an alternative view see entry on education in Honderich, T (ed) Oxford University Press; Wringe, C., (1988) Understanding Educational Aims, , Unwin Hyman, London; Heywood, J., Philosophy and engineering education. A review of certain developments in the field (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, , S4H - 7; Smith, K.A., Korte, R., What can we know? How do we know it? an idiosyncratic reader's guide to philosophies of engineering education (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, , S-4H - 25 to 28; Heywood, J., Screening curriculum aims and objectives using the philosophy of education (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, , S4H-1 to 5; McGrann, R.T.R., Philosophy of technology in engineering education (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, , S4H- 29 to 34; Grimson, W., Philosophy matters in engineering studies (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, 24. , S4H - 19 to; Harding, T.S., The psychology of the 'ought.' (2008) Proceedings Frontiers in Education Conference, , S4H-13; Cited by Smith and Korte ref 5Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering. Abstracts, , WPE-2007. University of Delft, The Netherlands; Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering, , WPE - 2008. Abstracts. Royal Academy of Engineering, London; (2007) Philosophy in Engineering, , Chritensen, S. H. et al (eds) Academica, Aarhus, Denmark; Bucciarelli, L.L., (2003) Engineering Philosophy, , Delft University Press, The Netherlands
Uncontrolled Keywords: Engineering course; Engineering curriculum; High quality; International workshops; Philosophical knowledge; Research and development; Teaching philosophy; Curricula; Engineering; Ontology; Philosophical aspects; Students; Teaching; Technical presentations; Engineering education
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