Maximising engagement and knowledge transfer in large classes

Ghanbari, Majid (2011) Maximising engagement and knowledge transfer in large classes. [Conference Proceedings]

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The majority of students in the Institute of Technology sector are considered to be active learners (O’Brien, 09); so incorporation of formative assessment and feedback could be a suitable approach to increase engagement and motivation in students. At the same time by using a selection of carefully designed questions in classroom as well as in the form of homework and assignments, it is possible to enhance understanding, engage students in critical thinking, improve their problem solving skills and promote higher order thinking (Bloom’s Taxonomy). This strategy encourages students to put forth more effort. It gives them opportunities to practice and it provides them with feedback on their performance.At present research is being carried out into the use of classroom response systems (clickers) to increase students’ participation in discussion and concurrently to help students to develop a more effective and efficient process of producing knowledge by using well-constructed “good questions”. Using clickers enables us to get all students involved and have feedback from all regardless of the size of a class. Results of pilot tests are encouraging and interventions are now being designed to implement in the coming academic year.

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