An InfoStation-based university campus system for the provision of mLearning services

Ganchev, I. and Stojanov, S. and O'Droma, M. and Meere, D. (2006) An InfoStation-based university campus system for the provision of mLearning services. [Conference Proceedings]

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This paper presents an InfoStation-based multiagent system, which provides mobile eLearning (mLearning) services in a University Campus area. A description of some of the mLearning services along with sample entities' interaction is provided. Technologies for delivering of these services are discussed, and approaches for the system implementation and structuring are considered. © 2006 IEEE.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 69456; Export Date: 23 February 2015; Correspondence Address: Ganchev, I.; Telecommunication Research Center, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland; email:; References: Frenkiel, R.H., Imielinski, T., InfoStations: The joy of 'many-time, many-where' Communications WINLAB Technical Report, , TR-119, April 1996; Stojanov, S., Ganchev, I., Popchev, I., O'Droma, M., Venkov, R., DeLC - distributed e- Learning center (2003) Proc. of the 1st Balkan Conference on Informatics BCI, pp. 327-336. , Thessaloniki, Greece. 21-23 Nov; Ganchev, I., Stojanov, S., O'Droma, M., Mobile Distributed eLearning Center (2005) Proc. of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (IEEE ICALT'05), pp. 593-594. , Pp, 5-8 July, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. DOI 10.1109/ICALT.2005.199; Ganchev I., S. Stojanov, M. O'Droma, I. Popchev. Enhancement of DeLC for the Provision of Intelligent Mobile Services. Proc. of the 2 nd International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS'2004), 1, Varna, Bulgaria, 22 24 June 2004, pp. 359-364Ganchev, I., O'Droma, M., Stojanov, S., Popchev, I., Provision of mobile services in a distributed eLearning center (2003) Proc. of the International Conference on Automatics and Informatics, pp. 79-82. , Sofia, Bulgaria, 6-7 Oct; Iacono, A.L., Rose, C., InfoStations: A new perspective on wireless data networks (2000) Next Generation Wireless Networks, Defining Applications and Services for the Next Generation, , Kluwer Academic Publishers; Sadeh, N., Chan, E., Van, L., MyCampus: An Agent-Based Environment for Context-Aware Mobile Services; Peng, Z., Cong, Z., Zengzhi, L., (2001) Agent-oriented modelling approach for distributed network management applications, 4584, pp. 1-9. , Proc. SPIE October, Optical Network Design and Management; Stojanov, S., Ganchev, I., Popchev, I., O'Droma, M., Doychev, E., An Approach for the Development of Agent-Oriented Distributed eLearning Center (2005) International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies -CompSysTech, , Varna, Bulgaria; Li, Y., Shen, W., Ghenniwa, H., Agent-based Web Services Framework and Development Environment (2004) Computational Intelligence, 20 (4); Web Site, F.I.P.A., Composite Capability/ Preference Profile (CC/PP) Processing Specification, , Version 1.0, Sun Microsystems, Sept 15; (2005) Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), , jsp; (2005) Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), , products/cldc/index.jsp; (2005) Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), , midp/index.jsp; (2005) Wireless Messaging API (WMA), ,;, Java Agent Development Framework ProjectBellifemine, F., Poggi, A., Rimassa, G., JADE: A FIPA2000 Compliant Agent Development Environment (2001) AGENTS '01, , May 28-June 1, Montreal, Canada; Anghel, C., Salomie, I., JADE-based solutions for knowledge assessment in eLearning Environments (2003) TILAB, , Sept
Uncontrolled Keywords: DAML-S (OWL-S); FIPA ACL; InfoStations; Intelligent agents; J2ME; JADE; mLearning; Mobile services; Multi-agent system; Education; Information services; Mobile telecommunication systems; Multi agent systems; Learning systems
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