Teaching laptop-supported students in undergraduate business education: Academic staff experience of integrating technology into established curricula

Fisher, L. (2006) Teaching laptop-supported students in undergraduate business education: Academic staff experience of integrating technology into established curricula. [Conference Proceedings]

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This paper examines teaching experiences of five academic staff members engaged in the process of instructing laptop-supported students, across established business curricula programs within the wireless educational environment of The Quinn School of Business (QSB), University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Exploratory, unstructured interviews (Spradley, 1979) conducted with the five staff capture their approaches used to teach laptop-supported students. Lave and Wengers' (1991) theoretical lens of Situated Learning (SL) informs exploration of the social role that peers play in helping QSB staff develop and learn technical skills needed to engage with, and teach laptop-supported students. This study hopes to shed light on teaching processes, which surround the integration of laptop technologies into teaching, and uncover some of the potential issues that academic staff encounter in learning technological skills, increasingly needed to teach laptop-supported students.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 98760; Export Date: 23 February 2015; Correspondence Address: Fisher, L.; University College DublinIreland; email: Lorraine.Fisher@ucd.ie; Funding Details: University College Dublin; References: Archibald, W., Student resistance to all laptops all of the time: How it can affect your teaching (2000) Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, 33, pp. 27-38; Beasley, W., Dobda, K., Wang, L.-C.C., Reflections on teaching in a wireless laptop lab (2005) International Journal of Instructional Media, 32, pp. 343-352; Bongalos, Y.Q., Bulaon, D.D.R., Celedonio, L.P., De Guzman, A.B., Ogarte, C.J.F., University teachers' experiences in courseware development (2006) British Journal of Educational Technology, 37, pp. 695-704; Brown, D.G., Concluding comments: Laptop learning communities (2005) New Directions for Teaching and Learning, pp. 89-94; Brunswick, G., Basu, C., Prasad, C.S., Mandatory laptop computers for all students: Lessons learned from the technology-learning-communication (TLC) initiative at northern michigan university (2001) 1st International Conference on Electronic BusinessThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, pp. 1-3. , Hong Kong; Creswell, J.W., (1998) Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among Five Traditions, , Sage, Thousand Oaks; Denzin, N.K., (1997) Interpretive Ethnography: Ethnographic Practices for the 21st Century, , Sage, Thousand Oaks; Fetterman, D.M., (1989) Ethnography: Step by Step, , Sage, London; Fisher, L., Butler, M., Keenan, P., Student experience of laptop use in undergraduate business education: A longitudinal study of mobile ICT'S in action (2004) International Conference on Informatics Education Research International Academy for Information Management, pp. 197-205. , Washington, DC, USA; Fisher, L., Butler, M., Keenan, P., O'Neill, G., Learning with laptops in undergraduate business education: Student experience of a three year program (2005) International Conference on Informatics Education Research International Academy for Information Management, pp. 156-169. , Las Vegas, USA; Geertz, C., The interpretation of cultures - selected essays by clifford geertz (1973) Basic Books, , New York; Granberg, E., Witte, J., Teaching with laptops for the first time: Lessons from a social science classroom (2005) New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 101, pp. 51-59; Hall, M., Elliott, K.M., Diffusion of technology into the teaching process: Strategies to encourage faculty members to embrace the laptop environment (2003) Journal of Education for Business, 78, pp. 301-307; Hammersley, M., Atkinson, P., (1995) Ethnography: Principles in Practice, , Routledge, London; Hyden, P., Teaching statistics by taking advantage of the laptop's ubiquity (2005) New Directions for Teaching and Learning, pp. 37-42; Jones, C.G., Johnson, D.W., Bentley, J., Role preference: Are handheld computers an educational or personal technology? 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Uncontrolled Keywords: Business education; Laptop-supported students; Situated learning; Teaching; Business curricula; Business educations; Educational environment; Integrating technology; Teaching experience; Technological skills; Undergraduate business educations; Curricula; Engineering education; Information management; Laptop computers; Students
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