Experiences gained using a set of SCORM compliant reusable learning objects for teaching programming

Costelloe, Eileen and Sherry, Elizabeth and Magee, Patricia (2009) Experiences gained using a set of SCORM compliant reusable learning objects for teaching programming. pp. 175-191. ISSN 1537-2456, 1537-2456

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A collaboration between three higher education institutions in Ireland and two European partners has resulted in the design and development of reusable learning objects for undergraduate programming students that would assist in their learning. This international project conducted extensive research of over 600 students' examination scripts in order to determine initially the students' main areas of weaknesses. In addition to the quantitative data gathered, students were surveyed to ascertain their perceptions of difficult programming topics. Once the main areas of weaknesses had been determined, a set of Shared Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant Reusable Learning Objects (RLO) was designed and developed by the academic partners to target theses areas. These constructivist-based Learning Objects were deployed in the three academic institutions. This article outlines the project from the identification of the main areas of weakness, the design of the Learning Objects, the evaluation of their use at one academic institution, and conclusions drawn from that experience. The students have given positive feedback from their experience, and from the instructors' point of view valuable information regarding students' points of difficulty and students' usage of supplementary material has been obtained from data gathered. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)(journal abstract)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: reusable learning objects; teaching programming; higher education; undergraduate programming students; Human; Computer Programming; Learning; Teaching; College Students; article; 3530:Curriculum & Programs & Teaching Methods
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