Graduate education and hospitality management in Ireland

Connolly, P. and McGing, G. (2006) Graduate education and hospitality management in Ireland. pp. 50-59. ISSN 09596119 (ISSN)

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Purpose - The purpose of this research is to explore how tertiary education has met the needs of hospitality management in three-, four- and five-star hotels in Dublin, Ireland and the factors which the hospitality industry highlight as being important when recruiting managers Design/methodology/ approach - A questionnaire was chosen as the most appropriate means of obtaining information from managers. Findings - The data from this study indicate that the industry has a strong preference to hire people with practical skills and the providers of education need to concentrate on this element including placements in hotels as part of the courses they provide. It also highlights the fact that analytical skills are not considered to be very important, whereas problem-solving and decision-making skills are valued. Practical implications - As a result of these findings, the authors suggest that an evaluation of graduate education in the hospitality industry in Ireland should be undertaken. This will enable the researchers to establish how courses are being designed and what learning outcomes providers of courses are hoping to achieve. Originality/value - Educators who provide hospitality management courses need to ensure that the courses offered are meeting the needs of the industry. Research findings indicate that some providers of tertiary hospitality management courses do not meet the needs of the industry. The findings also indicate that placements are highly valued by industry. Therefore courses should include a practical work placement in their course outline. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Hospitality education; Hospitality management; Ireland
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