Positioning civic engagement on the higher education landscape: Insights from a civically engaged pedagogy

Boland, J. A. (2011) Positioning civic engagement on the higher education landscape: Insights from a civically engaged pedagogy. pp. 101-115. ISSN 13583883 (ISSN)

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The significance of competing conceptions of civic engagement is increasingly apparent as efforts are made to respond to the measurement imperative that characterises contemporary higher education. The importance of devising appropriate means of recognising and incentivising civic engagement is asserted in this paper and the potential offered by emerging measurement and mapping methodologies is considered. The empirical basis for the argument derives from a multisite case study of the process of embedding community-based learning within Irish higher education. Analysis of interview data from four cases, drawn from the university and extra-university sector, yielded, inter alia, a typology of orientations to civic engagement. Findings are discussed, including those relating to orientations, ambivalence, scepticism, and legitimisation strategies. The case is made that these themes and the factors which impact on sustainability are mirrored within the wider domain of civic engagement-hence the opportunity to learn from a civically engaged pedagogy. © 2011 European Higher Education Society.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Civic engagement; Community-based learning; Higher education policy; Institutional performance measures; Ireland; Service learning; Third mission
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