Crafting a personalised agent-oriented mobile e-learning platform for adaptive third level education

Ayoola, O. L. and Mangina Phelan, E. (2010) Crafting a personalised agent-oriented mobile e-learning platform for adaptive third level education. In: Multi-Agent Systems for Education and Interactive Entertainment: Design, Use and Experience. IGI Global, pp. 233-247. ISBN 9781609600808 (ISBN)

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This chapter presents the architecture of an agent-based m-Learning platform, Personalised Ubiquitous Learning Platform (PULP), which incorporates adaptive personalisation and collaborative learning for the development of enhanced e-learning. The main objective of this platform is to provide University College Dublin with a single supported intelligent mobile learning environment that will promote adaptive and collaborative learning, human computer interaction on mobile clients anywhere, anytime and also to provide useful recommendation about available educational resources. The system aims to enhance the students' learning experience in third level educational environment. © 2011, IGI Global.

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