Integration of a Fire-Fighting Robot contest in multi-level engineering education

Ahlgren, D. J. and Verner, I. M. (2001) Integration of a Fire-Fighting Robot contest in multi-level engineering education. [Conference Proceedings]

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This paper examines the educational benefits of the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest and it describes contest-related curricular developments, both at university and high-school levels, that have been sponsored by Trinity College and the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. The paper evaluates the value of the contest as a medium for team-based interdisciplinary design. Our findings are based on analysis of specific curricula as well as assessment surveys carried out at the 1999 and 2000 fire-fighting competitions.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
Additional Information: Conference code: 63708; Export Date: 23 February 2015; CODEN: ACOPD; Correspondence Address: Trinity CollegeIreland; References: Engineering criteria 2000 third edition Criteria for Accrediting Programs in Engineering in the United States. Baltimore, MD: The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), pp. 32-34; Verner, I., Waks, S., Educational features of robot contests: The robocup98 survey (2000) Advanced Robotics, 14 (1), pp. 65-74; http://www.usfirst.orghttp://www.robocup.orgAhlgren, D., Mendelssohn, J., The trinity college fire fighting home robot contest (1998) Proc. ASEE Annual Conference, , Seattle; Avanzato, R., Collaborative mobile robot design in an introductory programming course for engineers (1998) Proc. ASEE Annual Conference, , Seattle; Pack, D., Mankowski, A.M., Freeman, G.J., A fire-fighting robot and its impact on educational outcomes (1998) Proc. ASEE Annual Conference, , Seattle; Broadbridge, C., Stoane, D., The united technologies/trinity college engineering initiative (UTCEI): A proven model for the accretion and retention of women and minorities in the fields of engineering and science Proc. 1999 Frontiers in Education Conference, , San Juan; http://www.handyboard.comMartin, F., (2001) Robotic Explorations, a Hands-on Introduction to Engineering, , Prentice Hall; Verner, I., Waks, S., Kolberg, E., Upgrading technology towards the status of high school matriculation subject: A case study (1997) Journal of Technology Education, 9 (1), pp. 64-75; Verner, I., Betzer, N., Machine control - A design and technology discipline in Israel's senior high schools International Journal of Technology and Design Education, , in press; Jones, J., Seiger, B., Flynn, A., (1999) Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation, 2nd Ed., , A. K. Peters; Verner, I., Ahlgren, D., Mendelssohn, J., Fire-fighting robot competitions and learning outcomes: A quantitative assessment (2000) Proc. ASEE Annual Conference, , St. Louis
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fire-fighting robots; Multilevel engineering education; Schools; Curricula; Fire fighting equipment; Project management; Students; Teaching; Engineering education
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